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Deca Wealth disrupts mainstream financial advice,
we combine tools and technology with our human touch.


If you are a person who is serious about securing your future, you can build your wealth and achieve financial freedom by using Deca Wealth’s services, because partnering with us will give you access to the finest selection of advice and resources. You will have access to our dedicated and qualified team of financial advisors who are committed to your financial well being, and who will do everything in their ability to help you reach your financial goals.

For us, Deca means perfection. Perfection is something we strive for every day – in the education of our clients, our service and performance. Deca Wealth transcends mainstream financial advice by combining tools and technology with human interaction.Building wealth is not just about saving and investing – it is also about a series of choices we make, it is a lifelong journey. Make sure YOU choose the right partner for this voyage.


Why Deca Wealth?



The guidance we provide will always be independent in order to keep this advice process pure and unbiased.


You will receive an individual plan tailored to your needs to make sure your experience with us is a ‘turnkey’ experience.


Building wealth can be quite complex, that is why we keep our consultations as simple as possible in order to ensure that you understand what you must do to find that ‘sweet spot’ you have always wanted.

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If you are serious about building a strong financial future, you can grow your wealth in a safe, calculated environment by using Deca Wealth Management, because with our holistic scenario planning, we ensure that you are protected whilst nurturing your creativity and growing your wealth.

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Our financial planners are practicing professionals who will be able to assist you with both a single need or a comprehensive financial planning process from a holistic point of view.


We establish a professional relationship


Set goals and achievables


Analyze your financial status


Develop and present the financial plan with recommendations


Implementing the recommendations


Review periodically

our services

Our financial planners are practicing professionals

Local and Offshore Investing

Local and offshore investing

Local and direct international solutions. Fixed term and flexible unit trust, tracker funds and ETFs

Building a Legacy

Building a Legacy

Estate planning, setting up a trust and a will, generational investing

Taking Care of Your Future

Taking Care of Your Future

Saving for retirement through individual and company umbrella funds. Post retirement saving

Personal Finance

Personal Finance

Financial planning for individuals and families, assisting with budgeting and debt repayment plans

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Financial plan SME's and corporates

Tax Optimization

Tax Optimization

Investing in tax efficient ways, tax structuring with a partnered auditor

Healthcare Services

Healthcare Service

Personal and corporate medical aid, consultation and servicing 

Risk Management

Risk Management

Life insurance, Disability and severe illness cover, income protection. Short term insurance through our partner



Presenting wellness days at corporate companies or in our own office

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Financial services and solutions perfected to your needs.

Deca Wealth is the next generation