the secret to engineering your wealth

the top 10 factors of starting financial freedom

Deca is the factor of 10 where we aim to get the perfect score. Here are 10 factors you should take into account towards financial freedom:

1) Know your wealth:
Are your assets more than your liabilities?  It is important to review this situation yearly.

2) Your budget:
Are you earning more than you spend every month?

3) Your emergency:
Will you be able to cover your expenses for 3-6 months with no income? 

4) Your Debt:
Do you know the interest rates that you pay on your debts?

5) Savings:
Are you able to put away more than 15% of what you earn each month?

6) Your Investments:
Are you taking a long-term approach toward achieving your long- term goals?

7) Assurance:
Do you have sufficient Life, Disability and Illness cover to provide for debt, estate duties and the further needs of your family?

8) Insurance:
Will you be able to replace your belongings in case of loss or damage?

 9) Medical Aid:
Are you able to protect yourself against both regular and unexpected medical expenses?

10) Your taxes:
Are you optimizing all the tax benefits available to you?

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